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Headshot of Gerald bassleer posing in front of 2 posters

Dr. Gerald Bassleer has more than 40 years of experience in the export, import, wholesale and training fish health in the fish industry.

He has worked for several major wholesalers of ornamental fish in the world:
1973-1977 = Masters in Biology, Ethology
1977-1981 = Aquaria Antwerp (Belgium)
1981-1985 = O’Hare Tropical Imports (Chicago,USA)
1985-1991 = Ruinemans Aquarium (The Netherlands)
1991-1995 = Aquarium Glaser (Germany)
1995-2012 = owner of Fish House of Bassleer Biofish (Belgium) (fish house closed since december 2012), since 2012 = active with training & research.

His speciality is consultant for the aquarium fish industry (Fish Health Managment and Biosecurity implementation), to develop healthy business for breeders, farmers, exporters, importers and aquarium shops. After he closed his fish house in december 2012, he worked in Europe, Africa, Asia and South America.

Gerald Bassleer is also author of several books & software on fish diseases, diagnosis and treatment: a good tool to solve diseases caused by following infections: bacterial, parasitic and fungal. Many common fish such as Guppy, Neon tetra, Cichlids, Catfish, etc. and their diseases are presented: neon tetra disease, guppy disease, discus disease, goldfish disease, koi disease, columnaris disease, fin rot, velvet disease, white spot infection or ICH, etc. Books are available in 7 languages.

He was also the President of OFI (Ornamental Fish International) from 2006 until 2016.

These days he has been working with contracts in the Netherlands, Kenya, Spain, Germany, Poland, Zimbabwe, Congo and Brazil. Also used to be consultant for the international fish trade show Aquarama.

Headshot of Gerald bassleer posing in front of 2 posters